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Maria's Gold and Silver

Maria's Gold and Silver

Maria. The princess of a crumbling kingdom. The young sister of a stressed brother. A patron of the lowliest tavern in town. And now a cabin boy. Maria has lost hope to save her financially struggling kingdom following the abandonment of her father. Hopeless and alone, she finds solace at the bottom of every rum bottle she can find. Yet, when she meets and befriends ex-pirate, Billy Bones, she is given the miracle she had long give up on. A map to the legendary Treasure Island. Inspired by the classic story, Maria will disguise herself to sneak aboard the voyage to save her home. One problem. If she fails, will she want to come home? Will she become like the father she loathes? Her answers may not lie in the treasure, but the curious crack-shot, legless cook himself, Long John Silver.

SavannahGeorgia96 · Teen
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