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Maou: Summoning

Maou: Summoning

When you summon a hero to save your world, there's always the risk that something might go wrong. But when you summon an overpowered Demon Lord from another dimension, that might just be fate.

Road_to_Oblivion · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
Of Red Mountains  - Part 1

Of Red Mountains - Part 1

Ten years ago, deep in the earth, threads untangled, and a monster shifted. Samuell and his adoptive brother believe that a shared future lays in entering the Elite Class of Samabrin's army. Those dreams are soon brought down when Samuell is tasked with a Quest and a green stone to guide him. Waimarie has many responsibilities as the Chief's first-born daughter. Born with one brown, one green eye, she feels a sense of camaraderie with the Elf she found washed up ashore, whose mismatched eyes strike her as strangely important.

RoseZDemers · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings