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Bruised and bloodied, humanity has been forced to adapt their daily lives, societal norms and geographical location, purely on the whims of 2 unknowable forces. Nearly 800 years ago, 2 figures began to clash in a duel, a duel that would annihilate anything within miles of their skirmish. However, this fight would be inconclusive, as would the next, and the one after that. It’s this ‘on and off’ duel that has brought havoc to the human world, enough so to force it’s inhabitants into constant migration to avoid these uncontrollable forces of nature. Follow the story of Alyx Wrinn, a recruit for the Voughound Army, and many other desperate humans, from dirt to glory as they discover the dormant potential within them. Discover a medieval world pushed to harsh militaristic ruling, surveillance and rationing. Explore the reality altering effects of the duelists as well as the secrets that smother their origins. Author's Notes: - Looking to upload 1 chapter per weekday (hopefully should be able to keep that up, may change if work is busy though) - Kept it in the male lead sections since I didn't really want it to be left amongst loads of romance novels, plus the story will follow many perspectives besides Alyx's.

General_Fluffy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings