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Andrey Makiya is a teenage boy with an incredible intellect and a sharp mind. He is found by soldiers in a desert but closed behind bars accused of spying. Right after recovering his memory, he realises he has fallen into a world full of new physics, magic, and war. What will he do to return back home and where is he in the first place? A mysterious beautiful girl will be there to guide him along the way, teaching him what he needs to survive in this beautiful alternative world. But what if she too had much left to learn? What if the world was not what it seemed to be? Will the cruel games of faith twist their personality and what powers will they need to go through it all? ||| If you want to be a part of the Makiya community, feel free to join the Official Facebook group called "Makiya Official Group"! Also, you can support me by following me on Facebook: @DanielGeorgievOfficial

Daniel_Georgiev · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


people wonder how earth and humans where formed. well i have answer for that. The development and evolution of humanity was feared and envy by animus. now they are going to annihilate all humans. but some group of good animus risk their lives to protect earth, from other animus they are know as the beast heroes. Let’s find of the true story of animus and human form the story.

ujwalrocket2 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings