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Anna and the Seven Worlds: One heart, seven strings

Anna and the Seven Worlds: One heart, seven strings

A single promise led to lifetimes of turmoil. When Li Anna, a young girl in Beijing was entering her university years, her life took an unexpected and hectic turn. She was greeted by a voice in her head. "The time is here, Lady Anna. Please come, and fulfill the promises you made in those seven worlds." Not given any time to answer, she was taken across space and times, to seven different worlds! Just to fulfill the promise she didn't remember making. Memories, happiness, sorrow, life-threatening danger! Through surges and waves of destiny, through the endless trials she couldn't surpass, through the darkness that was corrupting her soul, she could hear a voice. Those words, the never left her... "This time, I won't let go! This time there's no right and wrong! Because of you, your heart, your voice, I dared to believe in the impulse to love. Time will not stop, even if the skies heartlessly change, I will stand by you, I will embrace you to the end! Your life is my life, your happiness, my happiness. It's the end of my black and white world. May our bodies change, our hearts will remain connected. I...love you."

Iamagoddess · Romance
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