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Lilith Plans to Survive!

Lilith Plans to Survive!

I, Alexanny Sperenza, the smartest kid in my team, have no idea whatsoever is going on. Is this the reincarnation that the novels speak of? Well, I am not surprised. This is merely the will of God and I will accept it. I am now Lilith, a normal girl living the normal life of a duke's daughter. But, there is one problem existing. I am meant to be the villainess and ruin the main character Linda's relationships with the male leads. Nevertheless, I will not. The solution is to give her all my support and avoid getting thrown into a prison for the rest of my life. ************* This is... very interesting. The boy I bumped into by accident on the street is.. the hidden crown prince!? He even goes to the same academy as all the other characters!? I did not know or read such a thing in the novel. But I'll just try to act normal to him so I won't look too suspicious. ~~~ Wait. Why. Is Everybody. Clinging on. To. Me. Including. The. Crown. Prince. brr, I feel like someone is glaring at me. ...gulp. Linda!? She looks like she is about to kill me. Better run for it! Ugh, dear author, I'm so going to kick your ass!! ****************************************** the picture above is not mine!! I did not draw it! All the credit goes back to its illustrator. Enjoy~

marwa_lauorez · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings