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Beyond infinite

**43,000 Words as of now** What happens when a ROB gives you multiple wishes? You abuse the hell out of them for your own entertainment! I’m going to invade universes and take their technology for myself just so I can have fun! (Warning: MC becomes stupidly OP very, very early. This fanfic is mostly for me to try and get inspiration for writing my main fanfic again so idk how this will turn out. If you don’t like it then oh well.)

Harbenger · Video Games
Not enough ratings

Monster Apocalypse: Pokemon Online

Israel Windsorrow was orphaned at the young age of nine when his village was attacked by an unknown monster causing both his mother and father to die in battle. After surviving in the wilderness for six years he becomes trapped inside of a tyranistic city that won't let him leave, and he is too powerless to escape. But with the new release of the VRMMORP Pokemon Online, that promises strength to dedicated Israel sees a light of hope in this dark time of his. Israel will fight through the challenges and destroy his enemies as he slowly but surely finds his way to claim his revenge. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fan-Fic of pokemon, but not in the normal way. I'm a new writer so give me some slack. Also please leave a review or comment as they are very much appreciated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Release schedule Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat. Maybe Sunday if I am up for an extra chapter.

MOP · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings