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True Love Is Show

True Love Is Show

(FIRST ?& HOPE YOU WILL LOVE IT) The main character of this story is from one of the Top 10 Families in the World. The main character is from the Xian Family who is the 4th strongest family in the world. The last character is from the Leong Family who is the 1st strongest family in the world. Xian Jiao Yi who happens to be a hard-working person to reach her goal so she could make her parents very proud of her. She didn’t make a name for herself like in other places she chose to work in one of the companies that the family’s own to see her very own skills can do in the family. As each year passes, she gets her skills growing very big that she surpasses her limit to even her view. By then her skills will either keep growing or possibly stop at one point in her life. Her parents are Xian Chen Kiu and Kong Wei An, and she has 3 older brothers who are very overprotective of her and two younger brothers. The first oldest brother is Xian Huai Yu who has his own company that he happens to be a Technology Repair company called "Fang Zhei", and the second oldest Xian Li Zhu is supervised one of the family’s company’s that is the casino name “Thunder of the Sky” and the last one the of the three oldest Xian Mu Ruo is the CEO of the family's entertainment company name “Wushang”. The head of the Xian family happens to be another than her grandparents who are Xian Pin Zhen her grandfather and Jing Shan Bo her grandmother. They both loved Jiao Yi very much that whenever they see her they smile. Even her uncles and aunties also love her plus her cousins too. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The other character of this novel is also from another top 5 richest families the Leong Family is the number 1 richest family plus the head of the top 5 families in all the countries. The Leong Family is a very older family out of the top 5 families because their family been alive for as long as you could think. Plus their family happen to be descendant’s from royalty in China the Great Tang Nation back in ancient China time. The Leong Family have their descendent’s to inherit any company under the name to watch it grow even more than it all already happen to be. Which each year pass the Leong Family keeps growing bigger and bigger in either money or military. In the Leong Family is a Boy name Leong Fu Chi who is also working hard in one of the companies that the family owns. Which each year that his skills grow it becomes better and better with each passing time that he has to himself to surpass. His parents are Leong Kang Xi his father and Huang Yi Nan his mother they both love him dearly. He has 2 older sisters, 3 older brothers. The first oldest Leong Hui Ying who has her own family with her loved one, then second oldest sister Leong Da Xia who happens to be supervised one of the companies in China and the last one is the youngest Long Jing Yu who is the CEO of one of the family’s companies entertainment. His 3 older brothers love him very. But two of his older brothers are in the military and where his other older brother is a doctor and surgeon. The head of the family is are Leong Jang Lu his grandfather and Rong Min Yue his grandmother they both smiles at him whenever they see him. Even his uncles and aunties plus his cousins love him too that they can be protected for his safety from their enemies. Another thing is that the parent's of Xiang Jiao Yi and Leong Fu Chi happen to be best friends since they were kids. As the two parents stay as friends, they agree that their families should become one big family. So that means Jiao Yi and Fu Chi happen to be destined to be together by their parents and by fate.

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