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A Fallen Knight-Lost art of necromancy

Check out my another book - A wizard romance :) Discord Id: _Daulla#3925.......drop a hello! Discord link- https://discord.gg/bpnn9tf6PN Sorceror's Sphere Severus, a handsome lad with a shy nature. He lived a life that could be called 'non-existent', his interaction with the opposite sex was more or less 'non-existent' as well, except for the crown prince's fiancée, Melanie. That too because both of them were childhood friends. But this didn't last long, because Severus— was killed. Previous life ----- Severus was the ex-general and Shadow Knight of the Rivera kingdom. He was a loyal and charming knight who performed his duties very well. Despite his looks, he lived in the shadow of Crown Prince; Maverick, but destiny turned its wheel and the Crown prince's fiancée fell in love with Severus. Betrayal, heartbreak, and jealousy surged inside him and Maverick planned an assassination for his best friend Severus. Severus died in pain. He felt betrayed and cheated by his own sworn brother but he accepted his fate and closed his eyes to accept death. The next moment he heard something earth-shattering. Nobody knows what Maverick told Severus but whatever it was, it questioned Severus's existence. “No, this can’t be true—” “Who am I?” “What am I?” “Who are my parents?” “What was the reason behind my existence?” Severus died while these questions remained unanswered. ——Present life—— Severus got reincarnated, but to his surprise, he was reincarnated in his same body and same timeline. “Heck, it’s only been few days since I was assassinated and I got reincarnated” “What are these powers?” “A bird? Why is a bird here?” “This black Raven is known as Noworry?” Severus got a new life, and he vowed to unfold the mysteries which remained unsolved in his previous life. He swore to himself to take his revenge. *********************** A new character is introduced in his new life; Noworry, a funny bird who becomes his pet, sent by Hades to help him. In this life, he will have no shortage of women who wish to accompany him. Starting from ghosts and mortals to gods, Severus will entertain visits from every existence. However, Severus didn’t ask for women. He was a man who believed that love can happen only once. Since his first love was unsuccessful, the word 'love' disappeared from his life. Will there be any girl who would bring love back into his life? Or will he remain as a monk for his entire life? [ All the girls who met Severus—— Girl 1- No, Severus can’t remain a monk. All women should die in shame if he dies as a monk. Girl 1- Uwu…Even if I can’t have him, there should be someone to take care of him. My poor Severus… Girl 3- I don’t want to live. He remained as a monk. Girl 4- Sigh, I don’t want his beauty to remain pure Author-”………………….” The author was speechless.] *********************************** Witness Severus's growth and troubles, on his way to unfold the various mysteries of the world and becoming a great necromancer. [I don’t hold any copyrights of the image above, it’s just a random image I chose. If you own this picture and want it to be taken down, just dm me. I will do it.]

_Daulla · Fantasy

The Breed

Arriz was raised by the Organization aimed at destroying the Second Breed - hybrid humans with amazing powers that serve as space police. He was made to believe they're monsters threatening humankind, his own father sacrificed his life while fighting them. So when Arriz becomes older, he enters the school for young hybrids as a human student. His true goal is to betray and destroy them, but the more he learns about his new friends, the more he doubts about who's the bad guy here?

TheSable · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings

Keys to Happiness

KiYoung Kim is a world famous idol; he has everything he's ever wanted except for one thing. He's lacking someone to share his life with. Aliah Thomas has recently moved to Korea ready to start her life over, never expecting to meet an idol. When these two meet, sparks are sure to fly but will they be able to overcome the hardships waiting for them?

redergurl · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

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ilovepinkdinos · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings