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Fairy Tail's Lucky Star! (Fairy Tail Fanfiction)

When Makarov was young a beautiful Fairy Goddess Visited him in his sleep. Decades Later he finds out that he has an illegitimate daughter living in far away town. When he goes to visit and meet this mysterious daughter of his, he instead finds a 12 year old boy waiting for him. Boy: "Are you my Grandpa?" This is the story of Drexel Arcanus Dreyar. The illegitimate Grandson of Makarov Dreyar. A boy born with 3 powerful lost magics. Read as he fights for his home, his guild, his family and all of Earthland against all manner of powerful beings such as Dragons, Gods and much much more! Author: I do not own Fairy Tail. I'm just a fan who couldn't suppress the urge to write a fanfiction about Fairy Tail. Anyway I'm writing this only for the sake of satisfying my inner imagination, to have fun and of course for the experience.......XD Author: "Please take note that I might also end up adding elements from other animes, manga, novels.

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