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Journal of a war fought by a coward

The story takes place in the fictional world of Mythica, it's a world very similar to our own during the early 20th century with a couple drastic differences, Magic exists and is used to wage war. The Dwarfs, Elders, Shyttare, Elvish and humans wage an endless war for resources, Land and most importantly the title of master race. We follow the young human boy Arthurion, he's a country bumpkin and doesn't have many friends in the little town he comes from. But that all changes when his town is attacked and he is forced to flee to a fortress city, there he has to come to terms with what happened and decides to put a stop to this ridiculous war before he losses any more loved ones. (A/N: the story starts of very slow so we get an idea of who Arthurion is and how he lived his life up until the attack. PS: I have the itention of making this story very dark at moments to convey the true horror of war so you've been warned.)

MrNoboDyReallY ยท War&Military
Not enough ratings