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Signs on streets (English version)

A girl named Mia comits a very heavy sin when she's still a human. In able to repay her sins, Lord Jethro have her sent back to the mortal world. And is given a task to keep away the people who's in danger. To save the people in need. She has given a power for her to use in saving people. And that power is to read the people's mind, erasing people's memory and most especially, she can see signs that leads to the people who needs her help. She can keep them, rid them away from the calling of death. But what if a spirit like her, fell? Will she bear it? Will she be a slave for an unrequited love? A love that can't she ever had. Rules is rules to be followed. Spirits can't fell in love to it's fellow. Will she get rid of it? Like how she saves people from death? Can she escape and save herself from the dangerous feeling called... Love?

Andreb_author · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Adventures with Von

Von, a 16 year-old runaway royalty, travels around the world with only her trusted sword, short dagger, and a horse that could transform into human named Eli, accompanying her. Join Von's adventure as she unravels the secrets of the other countries, provinces or villages.

ZelkyieAnn · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings