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Tower Academy

Tower Academy - Genesis - Updates Sundays Tristan Valdanes was a 7th-year Cadet at the Imperial Magic Knight Academy. A prodigy in the School of Conjuration and the School of the Spellsword. His only rival, the Emperor's son, Marcus. All that changed with the arrival of the Grey Tower. A dark spire rising out of the ruins of the School of the Ritualist. A Herald of the Apocalypse. Armed with a dream of the future, the Cadets must prevent the plague of monsters from spreading across the world. They must if they are to Explore the inner world of the Tower. An inner world called the Hollow. Tristan must prevent the apocalypse of undeath so he can venture into the Hollow, the Grey Tower that stands in the ruins of the Ritualist College, and the heart of the plague of monsters that siege the world.

OKelley · Video Games
Not enough ratings

The Hollow Blade: A LitRPG Magic Knight Academy Light Novel

For additional books by author, check out tiny.cc/WolfeLocke or fantasyunlimited.org I also give out free stuff for people that join my discord to become ARC Readers. Valdanes. The elite sword clan that serve as the fist of the Empire. From the age of four they are taught to be three things: Servants, Soldiers, Vassals. Iron Ranked Cadet, Tristan Valdanes is no different. His days are spent in the classroom and his nights on the training grounds, always looking to hone the special sword technique of the Valdane Clan. Everything he’s ever known will be put to the test when a portal to another world opens up on the Academy grounds, sealing them off from the rest of the world. As duty is put to the test and loyalties are challenged, will they overcome or will they be corrupted?

WolfeLocke1 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings