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Deities' Aggressor

After the unforgivable sin he had done, heaven took the matter in its own right. However, the man in question didn't even care if he angered the gods, for, even the slightest of hope that he could change everything, that he could turn back time, that he could see her smile again. Killing everyone in the world, whether they're innocent or not, was the price he was willing to pay. "This time, I will save you, All of you!" The magical scroll sucked his soul as a whole before the light it emitted covered the world. However, before he was sent back, he heard a revelation from a close friend that helped him in his demonic quest. A fact that shocked the entire army of deities. "If you hear your old man, use the name we always wanted to give you, Lyounus Laventain. I love you, my son."

Big_Yellow ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings