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Revenge With The Power of Monkey King

When his father was killed, his family wealth was taken, his hands and feet were all broken, he gets the heritage from Monkey King. Since then, he dramatically rises, he would kill God if God is on his way, he would kill Budha if Budha is on his way. Qin Feng wearing a coat of gold, holding the magic cudgel: "I want this thirty-six universes, all beneath me!"

KhanQi · Magical Realism

Wraith Macabre

Wraith Macabre, one of the best occult detectives in the business & the only son to Mother Earth. With nothing but his keen eye & the help of his trusted hell hound Hex, they sniff out the most recent strange goings on in London Town. But when truly sinister forces begin plaguing London, will Wraith and his friends be enough to protect their beloved city? Only the secret war for London’s soul will tell. Novel by: David Thomas Illustration by: Felix Setiawan

mangabigbang · Fantasy
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