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The Soulmates' of the Modern Witch

The Greek Mythology, Fantasy. Ceil Lux, the main character, the most powerful goddess by the witch’s prophecy in the 21st century ending the war from another dimension that she will later find out there is only meant to be. The descendant of Ulysses and the 155th generation. Lymia Perrin, the soulmate of the main character Ceil Lux and reincarnation of her past soulmate Mavie Urich from 154th generation. Lymia is a professor at William Pittsburgh University where Ceil started her freshman year. Both had connections they failed to recognise at first, eventually Ceil discoveries about Lymia awakens her curiosity, unaware the tools she had found were the tools found her purpose. Through the help of Ceil’s friend Diana, she unlocked the gateway. A portal that leads the war against Gods and Goddess Deities. Ceil found her truth when her ancestors and among the 1st generations led her decision what to do next after what had happened from the past, now that it’s in her hand to finish what had begun, risking her life and saving the mortal dimension. Returning to the human dimension the modern witch club commemorates a memoriam to Ceil and Lymia, they become the Goddess of Soulmates.

mille27 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Instantaneous Mana Recovery

In 21st century, the stories about dungeons, hunters and magical beasts from novels came into reality. This is the tale of a young man in early twenties as he awakens an E ranked hunter with instantaneous mana recovery.

Daoist368512 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings