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Fortem Academy

Fortem Academy

Eliana was just trying to get her life together. But fate wasn't being kind to her. Her mall hang out with her best friend became a twist in her life. There she bumped with a knight who went after her life. She fought him but to no avail. She was suddenly dragged back to a world beyond her imagination. Her life entirely made a one eighty degrees turn. And in order for her to live. She was sent to Fortem Academy a school for Knights. Where she must train and work hard along with the highest ranked people in the Academy, The Ethereal Seven. What she didn't know, it was the start of a journey to unlock her father's disappearance. Her mysterious survival breach to the gates of Praediti. And the ultimate secret to her true form and identity. Her adventure starts now. 'Fortissime Praediti!' (The picture on the cover is not mine.) Chrissaviolet

Chrissaviolet · Fantasy Romance