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The Villainess Doesn't Care

Kikyu Tatsumi, a 23 years old orphan from the 21st century breathed her last under the collapsed ceiling in a sudden earthquake while playing an otome RPG game called [Magical Romance]. When she opened her eyes, she suddenly found herself reincarnated into the same otome game world as the villainess, Charlotte De Schneider. After few chains of events, she was suddenly conferred the title of princess and gained a system that neither agreed nor denied about being a system. Knowing how the story might unfold, Kikyu, now Charlotte decided to not focus too much on the plot and instead live her life together with her loved ones and enjoy her life in a carefree manner. "Heroine? Don't know her. Fiance? Don't have one. Love interests? Sorry, not interested. The story plot? Well, I don't care. My family? See if you dare touch them while I'm still alive!" "What about me? I've waited long enough, won't you compensate me for all these years of yearning with your heart and soul?" A certain someone asked with a gentle smile on his face. Charlotte:" .... (|||| ¬ _ ¬) Who are you again?"

YueYe · Fantasy Romance