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Its just a game.

IF YOU WANT CONSTANT UPDATES IM NOT THE AUTHOR FOR YOU THERE IS NO TIME AT WHICH I RELEASE ITS WHEN I FINISH THE CHAPTER YOU GET IT. just a heads up I don't want someone coming to read my book being like regular release and not getting it The cover picture I don't own as per usual so if the owner wants me to remove it I'm all up for it and here's the link to go find the whole picture http://www.wallpapers13.com/spring-landscape-sunset-in-the-garden-of-the-gods-colorado/ What would you do when you have done everything you could think of from conquering universes to playing solitaire professionally. Well, the immortals have done it all a race of people who can never truly die, or they thought they did everything till they conquered a universe where systems were built and then shipped to people to get a second chance at life. A note from a Potato. Hello, for it is I a semi-intelligent potato and here to write a story at the whim of a moment. So here it is. Even tho English may be my first language I'm not that great with punctuation and person to person talking as I am not good around other people face to face. I also have a tendency to talk in the third person so tell me if you catch me writing in third person ill fix it. This is also my first time writing a story and you probably will be able to tell so if you have any feedback I am all ears. There will be the use of magic, cultivation and technology in my story and any high intelligent race can do both.(This is a what I want story

LiquidHatred ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings