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The White Death

----------------------------------------------------------------- The Celestials rule this world. They descended from the skies during the Great War, claiming to be our gods. At the time, Kings and Queens rejected their claims and fought back. But the Celestials were . . . overwhelming. Rebellions were destroyed and oppositions were obliterated. For over 800 years, their Empire has governed every race. They became the gods of the people. However, this reign is now under a greater threat. . . . Vin is a girl with no past. Created by the hands of a godly figure who lives far above the skies. Despite wielding divine powers, she felt lost in a world she knew nothing about. Her own existence was a mystery to herself. Vin has no malicious intentions. But her presence might be enough to disturb the world. Kings would bow to her. Religions would be built where she passed. She was destined to break the world apart. ------------------------------------------------------------------

Rwfleo ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings