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(Mafias Possession) Three Ways In One Journey

Sana is the student of IT (Information Technology). Or should I say she was . She can hack every device she wants but she never try to do it because the first time she did, she was in chaos people are still searching for her but with the name of "H King".After that she never tried hacking anything saying it will disturb others. Leo is the most handsome man if you say almost every girl drol over him but he didn't give a shit . But his life was lacking love which he realized after meeting his destiny. ____________________________________ Laura is the most intelligent yet clumsy girl if you ask . She is a chess player the most feared one. She play chess online and she never use her name but her writing pin which is "H King". No one has ever beated her in her game and so did he. When She find out that two of her best friends are Working or more like have been captured by the Mafia she made a plan but , she was not successful and got captured by the most feared Italian Mafia Xerver. Xerver is the most cruel man present on Earth or that's what people say about him . He had Never imagined that he will marry some Muslim girl who will beat his heart and him in his on games. --------------------------------------------------- Julie is the third one in them. She is older in her group of besties by a year. From the beginning she has liked investigating and from a young age she has watched every criminal movie and show she can . In a mission, she was shooted two to three times but a Mafia billionaire saved her on some circumstances. She didn't know that he is a Russian Mafia King so she offered to help him in his parents murder case. Ian Xander is the most feared Russian Mafia . Due to some circumstances he was in America and he was suppose to attend a meeting with other two Mafias. Italian and American. They never attended that meeting and only they know why.

HM_King · Fantasy
Not enough ratings


She is a boss. She is the CEO of a big fashion Company. He is a boss. He's the leader of the biggest Mafia in the world. She is caring. He is cold. She has money. He has money and power. She has respect. He is respected. She thinks he is dangerous. He thinks her body is dangerous. She thinks she's falling in love. He's fighting his heart. She thinks she doesn't belong in his world. He knows she does.

esewessayyy · Teen
Not enough ratings