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Monsters Of The Abyss

Monsters Of The Abyss

Astolfo is there as a reference to the Idol Prince Wang, but with blue hair and eyes. Joaquin Z. Alder's life takes a different turn after a night with his alchemy teacher. After establishing contact with an unknown entity, he must now stand at the top of Heaven's Gate academy. To ensure that upon leaving the school, he can stand on top of the world. Starting up with no mana, special abilities, friends or allies. Joaquin embarks on the journey to find out whether he is on a path to bring peace or more chaos like the zeroes that came before him. "Will he take part in ending the world or healing it."

jordiMaverick_bW · Magical Realism
The Return of Terracotta Army

The Return of Terracotta Army

Hello. My Name is Wang Shu. I am a Theoretical Physicist and a professor by profession. My students don't call me "Professor Crazy" for no reason. Students know that I am working on something, which can make any person on this planet conclude that I’m mad, - A time Machine. Little do they know, that I’m already there. People like you think of time normally as being a straight line… Past to present to future, that’s the normal flow. I have successfully figured out how to alter that. And one strong reason that inspired me to choose this profession and this dream was "The Terracotta Army". Current excavation of the Terracotta Army only accounts for 1% of the whole Emperor Qin’s Mausoleum, just the tip of the iceberg. But even on this little “tip”, there are still many mysteries waiting to be uncovered. And this was my dream - to uncover all the mysteries related to these warriors. Little did I know that my actions could lead to something that would completely change the world that we live in - "The Return of the Terracotta Army".

WangShu · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings