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The Bloodstream Diaries

Dear Diary, I live in a time where Kings and Queens rule again. A time where people must have status to be named or else your a slave. If you don't obey blood will be shed. This is a time when your only will to live is your soulmate. The love of your life. I have nothing to look forward to but the love of my unknown soulmate. But what happens he turns out to be the King? What happens when he finds out I'm his second soulmate? Read my story as I try to fight against the bond that has been placed in my blood stream. Join me as I go through a life changing process.Let me tell you it isn't a happy story. The Palace is a battle ground for love, hate, jealousy and betrayal. Oh please remeber there can't be two Queens on one throne. Yours turly Nala S,

KS0Wolfe · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Wolf Kingdom: Curse of the Mad King

Yoshiro is the youngest prince of wolves. Their family is scattered across the lands after the people of their kingdom abandoned their clan on account of their father going mad. Things were fine when Yoshiro and Moira’s father was alive. He was the previous king of wolves and a man of principal. It was terrible when he died suddenly and violently in his sleep, almost seemingly like he died in agony from some sort of sudden pain. They were cast out by their uncle, who presented himself as the new king of wolves. He was distant from their lineage but an uncle nonetheless and he had always lived with them. Their father said he was a man with a troubled past but gave him time to recover, always giving him leeway. Sure, he was the adopted son of family from the cliff side near the coast but it didn’t make them feel any better when he seized control of the throne in the name of Moira, Emi and Yoshiro being too young. Things took a strange turn when the attendants started to turn up missing and eventually the people of their kingdom drew ill like a plague had crept through their land with the rolling mists. Thorn, cousin to Moira and Yoshiro, and son to the new king knew the greater secrets of his mind. He understood the dark man with yellow eyes who came to visit and smelled of sand with a dry musky smell that lingered the halls where men lay dead. Even at one point, Yui, Thorn’s sister, drew silent to the tortures of her own brother as their father started to go down a twisted and dark path even they couldn’t shake him from. He had completely lost his mind at this point and finally having had enough, Thorn fled, leaving Yui alone with him. Would they have the power to rise back up and turn over the rule of the Mad King or was their life damned to the constant hunt of his dark minions, upturning their lives at every moment of peace?

Diana_H_Forst · Fantasy
Not enough ratings