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Defeated Ampudia

While the ambiguous brightness made the weak visions dull, the sleepers found hope in the meaningless. And with the neon lights rising in the background, Midoriya Izuku just stared at his visionary reflection of the mirrors and windows, the shrunken and expatriate glasses, made of muddy sand by the unbearable. The prose was attached to the poetic will and the feelings forced its own expression, while the unreal or real events continued to prevent the discernment of the infinite black hole, hidden by an isolated pit of boulders. The vision made it impossible to mend the void, and through this, Deku expressed himself to the non-existent invisible. Loving would hurt and bring bitter feelings, these inexplicable to the deceased at a thousand feet, who carried weight confused by rare coins, but which would only be red for the colorblind. Could you decipher the weak expressions hidden by puzzles behind dirty words? Or he would just get sick like the other thousands, shown by hidden numbers, and isolated from the unreal version of his mind, certainly sane. I could only hide my grief, but the naturals would always come back in search of payment. Decipher the indecipherable and then live in peace in a grave, content like the abandoned dogs in the cemetery, happy for the unhappy and happy with the sudden news of words and sensations. Seek the immeasurable and you will be rewarded by the affection of hungry children, as most would wish. Strong colors rain in the eyes, and the wet can be morbid to the geniuses, like a game of chess faced by giants. Look for your own solitary path, since in the end we would all be alone to wait for you in comfortable arms, waiting anxiously for the bleach of pleasure multiplied by numbers overlaid by the video keys without manuals, with numb pains in ventilated hands. Games composed of sulfuric acids relieved spirits eager for lucid dreams. Come, my son, and fly through the air without gravity, beside all your business partners. Just don't go to the defendant Ampudia.

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