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Rosabel Celestia D'Oro

"Why are you doing this..?" I asked him feeling tears rolling down my face. I sobbed and cried hard. I couldn't believe it. "So naive. I never loved you. All the things I said was false, a lie. He said. His eyes shined seeing me in this state." "Baby. Let's go. I'm feeling dizzy." Said the woman beside him. My one and only best friend. I never thought they would do this to me. ----- What can I say when the " love of my life" is actually the one who disowns you after using you. The one who only wants fame, money. Worst of all he was the one killing you both inside and outside with the help of your only and one best friend. Well that's right this was what happened in my past life. After being dead, who thought I would have a second chance, reincarnating into my past to change my one and only future. Let's follow her journey and see what happens. Please vote & comment. It's my first time writing a novel. You can also read it in Wattpad, account: itSukiNovels In Mangatoon too, account: itsSuki Instagram: itsukinovels https://linktr.ee/itsSukiChan

itSukiNovels ยท Teen
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