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Something about her (Completed)

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT INSIDE | EROTIC-ROMANCE | R-18 “How could he make her feel so beautiful all over doing nothing but to stare at her with so much desire?” SYNOPSIS There’s one word that suits Mayor Grego Perez: lonely. Nawala na ang saya at sigla niya nang hiwalayan siya ng kaniyang pinakamamahal na asawa na si Pauline. Matapos ang isang aksidenteng muntik nang ikamatay ni Pauline ay bigla na lang nanlamig sa kaniya si Pau. She’s not the old, sweet, and loving Pauline he once knew. Ni hindi man lang siya nito binigyan ng isang valid reason kung bakit ito nakipaghiwalay. He's moved on already. Ilang taon na rin naman ang lumipas. Masaya na rin siya sa buhay kapiling ang nag-iisang anak nila. But the pain is still there, na nadagdagan pa nang makilala niya si Rin– ang kakambal na kapatid ni Pauline na may amnesia. Rin looks exactly like Pauline. And in an instant, his longing and lust for his ex-wife arose from being burried in the deepest part of his heart. Rin needed answers about her real identity. Rin needed to find out the answers about her past. So, he helped her. He helped her not because she looks exactly like his beloved ex-wife but because there’s something about her that reminds her of the sweet, loving, old Pauline he once knew. The way she smile, talk, laugh, and cry. All of those reminds him of his beloved Pauline. Kaya naging mahirap para sa kaniya na paalisin si Rin sa buhay niya. But no… not only Rin’s traits that reminds him of the old Pauline but also the way she fucks him. Hard, fast, and vigorously hot. And Pauline's dominance seemed to be the cherry on top of her personality cup. The old Pauline was and always have been domineering not only in their relationship but also in their intimacy… …and so is Rin. Kaya hindi niya masisisi ang sarili na mahulog ang loob kay Rin. Pero kasabay ng pag-usbong ng mainit at mapusok na damdamin ay ang unti-unti nilang pagdiskubre sa katotohanang nakatago sa mga alaalang nakalimutan ng dalaga. Author's Note: Contains mature scenes and graphic terms. Please read at your own risk. You've been warned. (COMPLETED)

missbellavanilla · Romance


Han Jisung a nineteen year old student who happened to transfer to a new school completely unaware and risk that he'll be facing later on. Would he give up? or Will he keep the pain for the love of his life or end it for the sake of his friends? 18+ smut story consisting between two guys love. A roller coaster ride of emotions and hope you'll be reading. Completely relating to the main characters and situation.

fish_xhaliah · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

A rose dedicated to Alpha Aiden

Rosalie woke after a very long dream , a dream that showed her , her future . Hated by her family , she is sold off to marry a bloodthirsty Alpha,Aiden Cullen in place of her elder sister Anna. Aiden Cullen,famous for his cruel nature having killed his own mate , he lives a life full of debauchery . With a husband like that , Rosalie only wishes to live a quite life being ignored by him and his mistress. But his mistress won't leave her alone and what did her husband means by saying that he loves her alone and will treat her better ? She just wanted a peaceful life! What is with her husband infinite pampering ?

fairytail72 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Downtown Love (18+)

"I might be a nice guy but don't tease me baby girl or you'll see a whole new side of me." His hand was still gripped on my neck as he grazed his lips against my lips. He slowly caressed me making swirls on my inner thigh going higher and higher up. He didn't stop until he met my underwear. He positions my head so I was looking directly into his eyes then he softly massaged the outside of my panties. I jolted causing an arch in my back and for my eyes to roll back. "Oh, baby girl your reaction is so precious. Now tell me who is needy." ******************** This book is a series of SHORT stories. Each chapter is different, different characters, and different scenarios this story includes polyamorous relationships (throuples), LGBTQIA+ community, people with different skin types like albino, freckles, or vitiligo, the plus-size community, people of the deaf community, and more. 18+ short stories If you don't enjoy possessiveness, rough/soft sex, sex toys, any kind of bondage, punishment or anything of the sort this story isn't for you please don't comment weird or rude comments if you don't like it * I'll always put a description of the scenario before starting the story so there is a little bit of insight into the story*.

Allkpop0 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

My Dominating Apollo

Clarissa Green never thought that by agreeing to be Mr. Mathew Villin's personal publicist could make her life upside down, breaking all her rules and routines. Finding herself helplessly stuck in a situation where she had to choose her family or her job, Clarissa Green made a shocking decision which made her life even more complicated. ***** Clarissa Green, a sweet, beautiful, hot-headed and stubborn woman who hates it when someone disrespects or speak low of her. She has faced many obstacles in life which made her a strong and amazing woman. Apollo Villin, a dominant, cold, notorious multi-billionaire. he hates one word more than anything and that is mercy. He's not fond of that word and he hates it when someone asks or uses it in front of him. Apollo Villin has many dark secrets and no one ever tried to dig them until he met her. Will she unravel him? All Rights Reserved® Copyrights 2020©

sn_nina_arthur · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Destined Guardian : Mafia's Adopted Son

[PG-13] with [R] potential in some chapters. Be wise. *** It's been a year since Maureen was in a state of life and death. The accident she experienced a year ago also took her beloved mother's life. Now, she also lies in a coma without knowing when she will return to see the beauty of the world. And also, it's been a year since Rizaldy, familiarly called by Aldy, the absolute king in the Caius Ballad High School's gang, take care of Maureen, who is lying coma. Aldy's changing daily life makes him nicknamed "The Bad Boy Who Has Returned to the Right Way" by his close friends. Aldy has never known Maureen before, even though they have become siblings since Maureen's parents divorced four years ago, and he was adopted by Maureen's father from a prison cell. His mind was always guessing, could Maureen accept him as her brother? Maybe that is not the question. The actual question is, will Aldy capable of being a good brother to Maureen? And what if Heri, the person who adopted Aldy, Maureen's father, turns out to be a leader of the cruelest mafia organization?

Eazy_Hard · Contemporary Romance