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Strongest Mage with the Lust system

[ Warning: Mature content R-18 ] A middle class boy died a pathetic death after witnessing his best friend making out with the girl he liked. However what he thought was the end, was actually a begining of exciting life. "Huh? Did I reincarnated?" [ Ding. Lust system initiated.] This world has magic and beauties that none in his previous life can compare. Join Exciting journey of Our MC. How he will get both strength and most gorgeous beauties. ______________________________ [ What to expect? ] 1. This is my first time writing a novel, so don't get your hopes high. If you have some patience, you can read it and enjoy. if not then this is not for you. 2. From the title of the novel you already would have guessed that it will have many sexual adventures. So enjoy them..... 3. However don't expect MC to have sexual relations with every woman he meets. I'll be focusing on the story, and would 'Try' not to blindly throw sex scenes left and right. If you enjoy the story then don't forget to vote GOLDEN TICKETS, POWER STONES. Discord: Blizzard54k#5923 Happy reading~ ________________

Blizzard54k · Fantasy

The lust of My Husband

Introduction: She was the daughter of a plutocrat, an elite with multiple identities, known and respected by everyone; she was a young girl from a rich family, who was peacocky and shameless, loathed by all. After being reborn as her, she defeated the bad man and the angelic bitch, took revenge on the bad guy who killed her, married the most noble man, got into the sweetest relationship, and stunned the world! Reporter, "Mr. Leach, what is your favorite thing in the world?" Benson, "Jill." Reporter, "Mr. Leach, what do you like to do most every day?" Benson smiled, "Sleeping with Jill in my arms at night." Juliana: ...

NewEraCult · Historical Romance

Love Lust sex

[Mature content—Read at your own risk, be careful. It's highly recommend] Meet Lena Candice Marshall, the most innocent girl in this world from Russian descent. Beautiful. Doctor. With delicious ass. Her life was so simple and decided. She was locked inside her dad's rules, regulations, and policies. Like a bird inside a cage. Always following her dad what's her dad wanted. She was at school and at home all the time. Had a babysitter with her until college. When she had her school's free time, she read educational books like daddy wants to learn more-not even let her read magazines. Only educational books. When she was in college, daddy was coming to pick her up. And she listened-as she believed that's what good daughters do, right? Listen to their parents. And as expected, she didn't deal with these words-Love...Feelings...Jealousy... Emotion...Lust...Desire. In a word, she didn't know anything about the opposite sex. Meet Ace Jordan Steele, the most handsome CEO in Downtown in New York. All the woman and even his secretory lusting over his body. Hell yeah! He didn't f***ing care. But he could any woman in his bed he f****ing wants. He always wanted to be alone and didn't want to be disturbed. Wanted to be getting rich instead of stalking play around. And the top of this, he won't shoot Spaniard and Russian girls because of the death of his mother-sister-that he will never forget in his life. He can't tolerate any girl from Spanish and Russian descent. Lena Candice Marshall. Ace Jordan Steele. What will happen when their paths cross? Lusting over Lena Candice will not good for Jordan Steele's health. Can Jordan Steele stop his erection from every time Lena's near? If he can't control his massive erection, disaster will strike in the name of desire and lust. And how will she accept these new feelings? And what about betrayed?

Littlefish · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

What!? Never seen a Demon King of Lust before?

Damien Julian is an 18-year-old loser, who has been bullied and mistreated his entire life, at home, he has to deal with his abusive father, and at school, he is constantly been bullied by delinquents, and to make things worse he is always looked down upon by his peers, till one day a mysterious screen appear before him as it said. [The world has seen the lingering evil in your heart] [Would you like to be one of the nine demon kings of this world] [If so what are you willing to sacrifice?] In the heat of the moment, Damien made a deal with the world, that he would give up everything he owns, or do anything it wants, and in exchange, he shall be reborn as a new Demon King, and what the world required from him as payment was. [In exchange for power, become a slave of the world, and act as an anti-body for all eternity] At that moment, Damien agreed, but little did Damien know, that becoming a slave to the world meant he has to be its immune system, what that entail is, that anything that threaten the world must be destroyed even if he has to wipe out humanity, to save it, or assassinate historical figures to bring fort balance or even manipulating events that can potentially end the world, to save the world, this is the story of a necessary evil, not the story of a hero who cares for others. P.S: Art is not mines

Kira_Kazuto_4040 · Magical Realism

Lust Knight

Lucien, a guy who has nothing but the desire to save his mother. To get strong enough, he makes a contract with the demon of Lust. And now, only by making a great harem, will he gain the power to protect those dear to him. --------------------- This story contains sexual content. Though it's still a fantasy adventure (no reincarnation or system). ------------------- I am a beginner author. I'm not completely fluent with the English language, it's my second language. So forgive me for grammar and spelling mistakes. Cover made by Dini Marlina. It's Lucien and Pride official pics. More chapters, better release rate, and exclusive content on my patreon: patreon.com/lamenthief Join our discord group: https://discord.gg/5d4PxH8

LamenThief · Fantasy

The Lust System

An ordinary high school boy named Max is in his basement watching porn and masturbating. When suddenly, a pop-up ad covered the whole screen! ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ||FREE|| Congratulations! You won as the first person to watch porn 10000 times. You are hereby granted a once in a lifetime opportunity! Do you want to change your fate? Do you want to have sex with real women? Do you want to get rich? Do you want to be popular? Stop watching porn and SIGN UP now in our Universal Lust System! by Alien Universe Do you want to Sign Up? [YES] [NO] ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ WTF is this? Ads? What’s this thing saying?! So annoying! Sign up? This is just a scam! *tries to click ‘NO’* *accidentally clicked ‘YES’* ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Thank you for Signing Up! Hope you have a fun time! - Alien Universe ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ “What? ARRGGGHHHHH! It hurts!” Max holds his head with both hands. *faints* ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Welcome to The Lust System! [Max] [Level: 1] [Points: 0] [Skills] [Missions] [Store] [Women Conquered] ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Advanced Chapters on my website: Elfriedenn.home.blog To open the latest Advanced Chapters, you can find the password on my Patreón: Patreón.com/Elfriedenn Thanks for the recent patrons! Discord: https://discord.gg/PdgErwK Tags: [System] [Sex] [Harem] [Evil Protagonist] [First-time Intercourse] [Fellatio] [Eye Powers] [Magical Space] [Netori] [Anal] [Poor to Rich] [Perverted Protagonist] [Rape] [Student-Teacher Relationship] [Business Management][Incest] [Hidden Abilities] [Secret Identity] [Game Elements] [***********]<-Spoiler [Not Gay MC] *You have been warned*

Elfriedenn · Magical Realism

Husband Insane lust

It was the villa where Lavinia and Chris first met! That day, Lavinia was pressed against the balcony and being fucked hard! And the second meeting between them, she was set up and made a contract with Chris— The price was becoming his woman! She though that she was just a plaything for Chris…… Yet she didn’t know that Chris had fallen for her at her age of 19!

NewEraCult · Historical Romance
Not enough ratings

Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Heavy R 18 Yuri, harem and futa and non-humans. Aurora had been human once before. But she had been betrayed by her only love and left to die at the bottom of the abyss. But she survived. As a result - she was granted the power and authority of a god. Being the only one to see the bottom of the ‘Great rift,’ she became a supreme being - A goddess. Using this power to turn back time, Aurora vowed to free her love from the clutches of those who had been like poison to her. She would take revenge on the Abyss Tower. Being the elite academy it was, Abyss Tower had no equal when it came to training people. Aurora could no longer allow that to continue. So she vowed to change things. She vowed to set up another academy and challenge The Abyss Tower for the Abyss's ownership. But with the other gods and goddesses tossed in the mix, as well as the Abyss itself acting up, things were not going to be that easy. Especially since her lover's soul no longer existed as one in the past. The more Aurora tried to straighten things out, the more it all tangled up. Did she really mess up by reversing the time? Or was an even bigger plot being brewed in the background? And the truth of everything lies in the flow and exchange of energies between different bodies. In easier terms - to dual cultivate. Tags: Yuri, Romance, R18, Action, Adventure, magic, politics, Academy, time-travel, reincarnation, harem (there are more but I am forgetting them at this moment) (Cover not mine) Super gift = 2 extra chapter/gift

daygon_yuuki · Fantasy