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Ninth Revolution of Samsara

Ninth Revolution of Samsara

People dream about reincarnation all the time and as those in the dreams, Regulus Leo is a person who is reincarnated not once but nine different times. He doesn't know whether its the last time or just one of his reincarnations. With his memories being intact and the personality of each of the previous lives conflicting with his own. Look forward to how Leo climbs up to the peak of this futuristic world as he battles it out with the known and unknown dangers lurking around him as he explores the mystery of his past and future. Cover Image is not mine all credits to the rightful owner for the cover. Upload Schedule: 1 Chapter Per Day Add the book to your library and vote with powerstones if you like this novel. Comment on the chapters on what you think about it. And leave a review after at least 30 chapters if possible.

NoelDragneel · Video Games
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