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Secret Wife is a Crazy Beast

Secret Wife is a Crazy Beast

Lina wakes up in a stranger's bed, who just happens to be Moshi Corporation's CEO. She cannot remember how she got there but they have matching wedding bands on their fingers. In fact she can't even remember who she is! After waking up from a 3 month coma after a double assassination attempt on her life, she juggles discovering her insane killer instincts and pacifying the henpecked tyrant who calls himself her most loving husband, Lina's new life is a never-ending whirlpool of craziness. All she wants to do is discover her true identity, and how she got herself into this mess! But can she protect their relationship from her turbulent and unraveling past and at the same time deal with the handsome new husband's honey-like sweetness? ~~~~~~~~ * original picture used for the cover does not belong to me, so all credits to the creator. ** weekly 7 chapter updates http://ko-fi.com/fantasyfemme Official Discord: https://discord.gg/6muTuMd

fantasyfemme · Contemporary Romance
Love & Revenge (Taglish)

Love & Revenge (Taglish)

Brent Santillian a favored adopted son of Rodriguez family. He has been falling in love with the daughter of the Rodriguez family, the only heiress Shantal Rodriguez. She hated Brent's arrival into their family because all the privilege she should have was given to him. She left her home during college out of her frustration and envy and the hatred has grown into her heart. Later on, she learned that her parents plan an arranged marriage for her and Brent that leave no other option but to accept it. They lived together as a couple yet she took revenge on him. Brent loved her for more than ten years but he decided to let go of her after several struggles he has been received from his wife. After he heard the Rodriguez Group of Companies are in trouble he returns back to save it and they meet again yet he is not the old husband Shantal had. Cold treatment and indifference she got from him but how things will going to change when Brent found out they have a cute little son. List of my Novel Here in Webnovel 1. Billionaire Defiant Wife 2. The Cage of The Past 3. Revenge to the Devil 4. Winter of the Wolves 5. Love & Revenge 6. My Billionaire Husband 7. Love & Revenge: The Return of the Heiress If You wish to Support me here is my Paypal Account: paypal.me/annaquizo Edited by: Hansweet Kim

AnnaShannel_Lin · Contemporary Romance
CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife

CEO Husband's Crazy Love For His Little Wife

{NOVEL FEATURES MATURE CONTENTS} He forced her agree to marry him. In this world he gave her everything she wanted.other then she can't look at other man,she can't love anyone other than him. She is his,he is obsessed with her. one day someone asked him"why are so heartless" He said happily" because i don't have my heart with me I already gave my heart to my wife" Everyone started feeling jealous. then one day someone asked her"your husband said he is heartless because his heart is with you so what do you wants to say about this" She laughed brightly and said proudly "that's why i loves my darling so much" everyone's wants to vomit blood because they husband and wife is feeding dog's food every single person in S country. {Note: I am a writer without any editor,,This book isn't edited..there might be some grammatical errors.... so read at your own risk..!!} **Cover Credit goes to the original artist or owner** Instagram : tsiauthor1408 Discord : TSI#4917 Email : tamannasyedul14@gmail.com

TSI · Contemporary Romance