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Agent K2

Following his father's footsteps, Agent K2, started his training at the age eighteen to become a successful agent just like his father. Seven years later, he is the best in his field, completing every mission thrown his way. Krystle D'souza, a Catholic girl who spends 12 hours of her day at the hospital reception, helping anyone and everyone. Her life is quite. She never met her father and he was never in the picture. It was just her and her mother. She lived with her mother until two years ago when she suddenly passed away after a cardiac arrest. * After seven years, all K2 wants to do is spend his last one year servicing for the agency before resigning his field job and getting any desk job. He wants to settle down, get married and have kids but can he achieve all this especially when his last mission is a risk to his own life? Unfold the story of K2 and Krystle in Agent K2. Will they have a happy ending or they will loose everything before the end?

KaurD29 ยท Martial Arts
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