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I hate that I loved you!

I hate that I loved you!

Hell hath no fury like a women scorned! 5 years of togetherness. 3 years of love. She was so naïve to fall for him just so he can completely ruin and destroy her to the point of no return. People say revenge is the dish best served cold. "An eye for an eye , A tooth for a tooth". Let's see how she serve hers? Join me in this Love Hate Revenge journey of Rizi D'Souza, a Goan Portuguese heiress turned skilled hacker and Zain Bennetti, an Italian- Goan billionaire. -------------------- Sneak Peak #1: Zain Bennetti's laptop's screen flickered again. All three men had their eyes glued on Zain's laptop screen. It turned black and then lit up again. After a few minutes, a 'ding' sound came. The screen was split into two sections. One section displaying advertisement of viagra with laughing emoticons and the other section displaying two words in bold. [Hey. there!] Below those words, there was a small signature. 'Dark Web Masters'. "What the f**k!" Assistant Han blurted out. Francesco and Zain glanced at each other. [LOL] Another line appeared on the screen. The Assistant Han was shocked to see that the Hacker not only hacked his Big Boss's laptop but was hearing them right now. After a couple of minutes, Francesco's asked in a serious voice. "Why did you attack us again?" No response. "We already paid you ransom. It was agreed you will not breach us again. What do you want?" Francesco asked another question. [Fun. :D] quickly a response appeared on the screen. The Office sank into an eerie silence. What the hell is happening! After couple of seconds, screen lit up again. [See you soon] another response appeared. "What do you mean?" Francesco asked instantly. In the next second, split-screen converted to a single screen, the chat window was closed from the hacker's end. The only thing playing was a weird advertisement. "Your system is hacked!" ********* Sneak Peak#2: Zain Bennetti's eyes raged. He couldn't accept it all. Taking fierce breath, he raised his hand and slapped Rizi hard. It was so sudden that Rizi was not able to dodge. Her cheek were stinging. Her whole body felt broken. Summoning all demons inside her, she pushed him hard. Her eyes turned dark and in an instant she raised her hand and a fierce slap landed on Zain's face. "You filthy bastard! how dare you? What are you so angry about huh? Don't tell me you care about me. Isn't it bit late for that?" Zain was caught off guard. Stunned. Her slap was strong and hard. He felt an instant effect on this jaw. This damn Woman! In Past Rizi had never satirized him. This was a whole new person. "You think too highly. Don't flatter yourself. You are still the whore I bedded and destroyed 3 years ago." Zain spat angrily. Rizi slapped him hard again. This time she made sure blood underneath his white skin evolves. ~~~~ Author's note: This is my first time writing. I apologize in advance if there are any mistakes. All suggestion and feedback are warmly welcomed. Please dont crucify it on first couple of chapters. It will start bit dark and emotional. But please give it chance and read further. Characters and plot will evolve slowly. It will be more interesting. I hope you will enjoy it. if you like the chapter and story, please add review, comments and vote for the book. Your support will motivate me to be more creative. Book cover is not mine. Credits to the actual creator.

CAHAYAA · Contemporary Romance