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The Uncharted Husband and His Wife

Zhao Yuan Rui, had everything and still has everything but feels as though he has nothing ever since his car accident two years ago which left him paralyzed meets the flamboyant Liu Zhi Rou who changes his life in the most uncommon manner. Liu Zhi Rou, an angel stripped of her wings at a young age, between all humans drops by in his hospital room with her silly antics. Learning of each others pasts and hardships, they work together for the betterment of the other. Follow the two as they venture into the life of a married couple and face all the obstacles ahead of them. Art by: the_nerd.artist Reviews and comments welcomed.

VanessaNicole2 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Shadow of the Valley: The Modern Midnight Reaper

Shouji lives in a small town outside the greater city. The only family he has is his sister. His career path is dismal and troubled with arrests despite his passion for art. He understands his hobbies aren't well liked by his sister but he's determined to make some worth out of what he enjoys. What he didn't expect was to get tangled up in an mysterious woman with strawberry blonde hair. She was exciting, strong-willed and he was determined to find out what made her so alluring. Maybe it was the fire of her anger or that glow in her eyes when she stared at him longingly. It wasn't his fault, though. Getting tangled up with her seemed harmless at first. He just wanted to love her. Was that so wrong? Endless nights of feverish escapades through the night. Kisses and the heat of her lips on his neck till blood drew. He didn't know this type of thing was usually arranged for people like herself. He also didn't understand how a human matched up to a supernatural being such as her but he couldn't resist. He had to have her. Even if he didn't have any outstanding useful traits.... Like that of scientists and musicians. He wasn't a tactical fighter, trained as deadly bodyguards. Unlike the rest, he wasn't picked for his talents but only pure unadulterated love. He was a victim of circumstance, caught in a web of love that led him down a dark path of death and agony. A path so sinister that he'd never be able to live up to his sister's expectations all-the-while unveiling one of the oldest and largest evils to walk the Earth. He didn't know just how much his influence for her could drive him to become the catalyst for it all. He didn't expect to sacrifice what was precious to her to become strong enough to protect her. Even when he was thrust into this new place of power, with all the time to adjust. He unconsciously gave up everything for her but he never questioned the cost of it all. Could he withstand it or would he fail?

Diana_H_Forst · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings