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After Ru Wen moved to Shanghai permanently with her boyfriend, at that time she thought they’d get married and live happily ever after in their small apartment. Until one day, that never came into her thought that her boyfriend would pack his bags and leave as he gave an excuse that he “needed space.” In storm of her newfound single status and being alone without notice in this big city, Ru Wen buries herself in her artwork and paintings lifelessly. But one night she helps a mysterious intoxicated stranger get home safely. Little did she know the mysterious stranger is none other than a bachelor CEO and millionaire, Mu Kai. When morning reach, Mu Kai awake soberly and finding a strange woman in his kitchen and assuming she has broke his #1 rule about letting a female sleepover. Instantly he becomes intrigued, not only by her stubbornness and defiance, but by her kindness too. Wu Kai, emotionally dead and damaged, that stemmed from his tragic love as he has made a vow to never love or fall in love with a woman, until Lee Ru Wen walked into his life by accident. After she opens up and shows him her world Mu Kai starts to feel emotions and feelings he never knew existed before. Despite the rumours and warnings regarding Mu Kai and his use and misused of her kindness, Ru Wen finds herself being drawn into his world unnoticed. Ru Wen knows they can never be together as she is harbouring a her past that could destroy Mu Kai emotionally forever. So would they have a happy forever after as they embark on a journey of courage, love and strength. Yet, will their journey save them from being apart again?

F3n3 · Contemporary Romance


this is a story of a woman named Katerina who’s mother died when she was young and was raised by her father to one day take over the family company but because of some current event things get in the way with her inheriting the company so in the middle of getting allies she meets her ( 3 love interest). How will this unfold? And who will she stay with?

Reaper_queen · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings


Maximus Drako is a 30 years old werewolf and also the Alpha of the most powerful pack in the world. He became Alpha from the age of 18. His blood is pure lycan and he is feared and respected from wolves and humans all over the world. He is very capable and powerful leader and the most probable candidate as the next King of the wolves. For years and years he was working in order to gain a nominance for the King's throne. He doesn't care about a mate that's why he didn't look for her all these years. When he establishes the King's position he will make Luna the most powerful she wolf of his pack. Adelina is a 22 year old werewolf, daughter of the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack, a small pack in North America. She studies economics and is the most favourite child of her father's. What happens when Maximus Drako the most fearful Alpha finds out his mate in a routine visit in some small pack ?Will he accept her as his mate? Or is he going to reject her just because of her status? Please I want all the readers to know that English is not my mother tongue so please forgive for any mistake I make.

DaoistYAoOHM · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings