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The Venomous Wife

The Venomous Wife

Venom from snakes are deadly. But venom from revenge is deadlier. From a naive woman, Luna Walter transforms into the woman she was born to be. The woman of courage and strength to face her enemies head first. But all have to start at the bottom, and there she will strive to be the snake who attacks it's preys and inject them with her poison that will remove their existence on the face of the Earth. *** "They will pay a thousand folds more than what they did to me! That even their death could not justify me!" "Are you sure about this? Is this really what you want? Revenge?" "Revenge is nothing! I want them to feel my agony! I want them to pay for what they did!" "Then, I shall help you...my wife...” (UPDATES EVERY MONDAY)

alter_ego_princess · Contemporary Romance
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The Mischievous CEO's  'Future' Wife

The Mischievous CEO's 'Future' Wife

what do you do, when the person you are trying to forget is suddenly is going to show up, and worst he even not recognize her. Was he only acting, and pretend to be somebody? or he really forget about her? which one of this two are true, she didn't give the damn care. she change, she is no longer as she was before, who willingly goes near him if she was ignored by him. "Let's go to canteen?" she said to her three roommate. "Sure, I'm hungry too! hey! Mingran, Qingqing... let's go!" Yun Nana, the gluttonous Roommate. "Yeah, yeah, yeah....." said, Si Qian Qing. she rolled her eyes when she heard the way, Nana call her name. "hmmp.. let's go." Qi Mingran nod, the most sane of them. they on the way to canteen, chattering and laughing. they walked two pair, side by side. half way to canteen she heard Qian Qing talking about about the man who was got transferred. She know, who their talking to. Lui Zen! if she say to her roommate that he know the name of the man, what will they think? are they think that I have crushed on him? that's why I investigate and and now I already know of his name? No.. it will never happen! ____________________________ P.S Sorry guys, I'm not really fond doing Synopsis? I know this is so awkward Synopsis that you ever read. but I make this PS to dare all of you to read this story, so that you can understand why I chose this title. I really wanted give you a clue, but I stop self, because once I did giving a hint of this story, that not interested anymore, right? So, I hope you can share me your time, vote, comment, and review. even its small, but can give me courage to write more and to complete this story.. GOD BLESS US ALL

Kamisama_Eye · Romance
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