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Royal love - I fell in love with CEO

Royal love - I fell in love with CEO

She was a simple girl who was brought up in a simple household, or at least that was what others thought about her. She is full of mysteries and secrets but was always seen as naïve and innocent girl. Or, simply…it is more precise to tell that she keeps that facade for her own good. But why?? Only she knows the answer. However, unlike other girls of her age, who dreamt of getting married to rich and famous guys, she preferred to find someone who has simple life and easy going family. In short, she just wanted to lead a happy and ordinary life. However, she uses to believe that it would only be possible if her life partner was an common, uncomplicated guy. But why?? Was the reason behind her beliefs had something to do with her past? Or, was she vexed with her life to the extent of sticking by her self-made rules? On the other hand, he was the CEO of one of the most prestigious companies across the world. He was cold and aloof, someone who despised any sort of intimacy with women, be it physical or emotional. His world revolved around his work and his family business. Though he has complicated family, he love them to his core….and, apart from them and his friends , no one matter to him. But, for the first time in his life, he fell for a woman just with a glance. It all happened when she was turning down her Boss's love proposal. Despite of her simple attire, he found her enchantingly beautiful. He could tell that she had so much more to herself than she let others see. He wanted to be the only person before whom she could be her true self. The very moment he laid his eyes on her, he knew deep down in his heart that only she could be his soul mate. And, he was willing to go any lengths just to make her his. Even if it meant working as an employee in his own company. Just like he wanted, she fell for him. But would happen when she ends up catching his lies? Even if she agrees to accept him, what will be awaiting for her in the life she opted to live with him? Moreover, who exactly is she? Why does she prefer to be low-key? And why is she being so secretive about her past? What and all troubles she might have to face because of his complicated background? What would welcome her when she stumbles back into the very life she wanted to run away from? More importantly, will their love be strong enough to face all those odds that are waiting for them? ......... No misunderstandings between couple. Lovely and understanding couple with mature communication skills. ....... #Comedy #Love #Friendship #Mystery #Thriller #Family #Revenge This book is perfect blend of everything. I hope you will give it a try. ....... I am also author of Ms. attractive and inciting CEO The devil's little Villainess. Please do check out the books ..... Discord sever https://discord.gg/3CC6KgK Please feel free to contact me....

Har_V · Contemporary Romance
Perfect Revenge: Mommy Turned Into A Villainess

Perfect Revenge: Mommy Turned Into A Villainess

[Status: ongoing ] "What do you think about your wife?" They asked and he responded, "A cold-hearted woman who ate up my heart whole without my consent, tch. She needs to take responsibility for me!" They asked her: "What do you think about your husband?" She answered, "Well, let's just say he is a very picky eater. Obnoxious arrogant bastard that loves to torture me with his teasing." Seven years ago they divorced because of some misunderstanding between them and a lovely b*tch that wanted to ruin her life. She was naive and she was innocent. She was unaware of how cruel the world can be but seven years later she has changed. Seven years later she is a badass that doesn't take 'no' for an answer. She has come back as a single mother of two and with a thirst for revenge. All the suffering that some scheming b*tch gave her will be paid back 100 times more with an extra dose of pain. As cliche as it may sound the hidden mystery of the past will change all of what both Adriana and Noah expected. The sudden twist to this story might affect them for the best or the worst but this time they are determined to never separate again. "This time I will never let go of you, Adriana. Don't even think about escaping!" Wrapping her fingers around his tie nicely she pulled him forward and smirked "Don't ever think about leaving me! Noah Preston, you are mine and I will stick to you like glue if I have to!" (Original work) Instagram: Author_lizmorgan Discord: lizmorgan#9231 Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/CWJrmWB

lizmorgan · Contemporary Romance
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