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Undying Love (Zion's story)

Amaya Shaine Segovia is a 19 year old women. She is kind and sweet type of person that's why everyone in their school likes her. She's also a fragile and from the looks she have, you'll never think to hurt her. She wants the best for her family and close friends, she can even sacrifice her own happiness for her loves. On the other hand, Zion Wayne Vallejo is a heartthrob of their school. He is from a popular family. but, everyone not knows that he has a crush on Amaya. He likes how she act like a lady, how intelligent she is and the kindness she have. Every boy will wish for a girl like her. Will Destiny let they path to cross? then, Will they have their own love story? and make a Happy Ending? or Not.

Anikafernandez01 ยท Teen
Not enough ratings