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Bitter Sensation

Copyright ©2018. All right reserved. Angela gets knocked down by Patrick Udoh. A young billionaire CEO currently passing through a difficult phase of his life. This perfect stranger gets to capture her heart. Giving, he is everything different from her impulsive boyfriend, Texas - a Nigerian rap god with a lot more insecurities, than he lets on. As much as Patrick finds her intriguing, he soon realizes the hard way, that her innocence is a façade. Considering how complicated, she actually is beneath the surface - her many secrets and lies. Despite his feelings - the knowledge, she has a rather complicated history with her possessive boyfriend - drives him away. Plot twist, when Angela lands herself the job of her dream, and later realizes her CEO is indeed her perfect stranger. Only a matter of time, old flame rekindles and forbidden romance sprouts.

amakahub · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings