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Captured by her

Last year of school-✔ Boyfriend-✔ Best friends-✔ Mancy Wilson.. the well known topper in the class and the best friend of Ketty braithwaite. She is sweet and knows when to be a bitch. But soon Macy realizes that she is not happy with her current relationship and decides to break it off after her graduation, she sets her self few goals to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. But will everything go according to her plan? What will happen when she accepts the favour her friend asks her? she meets the most unexpected ,dashing guy.. But the problem is.. He is utterly possessive about HER!.. ......... Find out more in the book. 'Mine!..' he growled though he told it on the phone, I could feel his Patience waring out. "Macy.. u can't run away from me that easily remember princess. I will always be ur shadow" It gave me chills all over my body.... **DO NOT STEAL MY WORK! BECAUSE IF IT COMES TO MY NOTICE, U BETTER WISH U WERE DEAD!!**

Ella_1965 · Teen
Not enough ratings

If only (Chad)

A senior high school student, an outcast and a loner, those were terms that could be used to define Catherine Mercedes. Faced with so many family issues and trying her best to keep up with school made her lose time to socialize with other people. so she shut herself out from the world. She later reunites with an old 'friend', Chad Manchester. Now she has to add him to the pile of problems she has. A broken home, a good report card, a social life and a bad news play boy. Read on to find out how she handles each problem and discovers that love can be found in the weirdest places. If only she saw the ratings.

Tiko_Mhango · Teen
Not enough ratings