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Impenetrable Love

Forever wasn’t something I thought will be. And love wasn’t an expression I will ever again will believe in. Empty whispers, magic words, soothing gestures and mostly important sweet, warm love between us never will exist again. I wanted to believe, wanted to know whether everything is real or not when it turned upside down and I thought I lost everything, he gave me a forever gift that would and had changed my life. ------- “I’ll never leave you. You are mine forever.” He said in a sweet whisper. I was content that I had him, and for my life wouldn’t be much happier for him to be with me together. “I love you. Love you forever and forever.” I smiled at him. Cold breeze blowing, green lawn sweeping along with it, my brown hair waving towards him and I sang a heartfelt love to my prayers for along to be with him. -------- *slow-burn book*

bk_raven · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Mr. Popular and the Assistant

Love is lovelier the second time around.

braveDbadprincess · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings