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Love You So Mad

Hello there, this is my first book and I am so excited. I love books and writing. A story about Jungkook and Jimin meet each other after a car accident. They lost their memories and they met after five years. They were engaged before the car accident. Jungkook is the most popular detective in the city, Busan. He is very popular with his cold and aggressive work. He has no feeling when it comes to works and his temper is always high, but the one thing that kept him calm is the lollipop. He loves candy. Jimin is also a detective who got send to help in dangerous cases in Jungkook's town, Busan. He is very funny and friendly. He loves candy as well. Will they fall in love with each other as they did in the past?

btsfan1306 ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings