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Unnaturally Natural

This book follows 2 different perspectives. Alexander A young man of 19 who has more mysteries in his past than even he knows. He grew up without his father and was abandoned by his mother at the age of 8. He is greater than both werewolf and vampire, for he is a hybrid. His power is immense, and even he struggles to control it at times Living alone in an old shack a day's trip away from the closest city, Urbemontis. He has grown accustomed to his way of living until a new enemy threatens to destroy it. Neith A young girl of 19 who lost her father (she did not know her mother) to a rather gruesome event. She was only 10 when she found herself alone; however, hope was not completely lost. After losing her father, she was adopted by the man who saved her from dying in the same manner. The man was part of an organization who devoted themselves to hunting down supernatural beings, the Mystic Huntsmen. She became the first female Huntsman, and the youngest one to ever receive the title. Her talents far surpassed her fellow classmates, and therefore she was assigned the most dangerous city. ***************************************** I will try to upload a new chapter every week, but I have started college as of late. I might not be able to update every week, but I will try my best.

StefanL · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Mekura Kenshi

A story of a Blind Swordsman searching for retribution not only for his village and the people he loved, but also for his ability to see his own future as well as the rare "Senken Eyes" that is part of his lineage he does not accept. Using the power of his Scorch function and keeping strong faith in his sword, The Black Obsidian, he along with his companion Brooklyn set off to make things right. Will they have the resolve to do what is necessary and if they do will they end up on the right side of history?

sionbarb18 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings