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Her Dark Secret

We all know that fall in love is very easy but staying in love is the hardest part but to letting go of someone you truly loved was the most hardest thing u have ever been done. Same thing happens with Rose. But what is the reason behind Rose's betrayal ? "Do you know Lucas you are the most interesting and beautiful thing that happenes in my life... No matter how much you hate me but my love for you is unconditional and will always increase day by day, even you yourself can't change the fact" said vennesa in a very heartbreaking voice. Lucas can't understand why this girl affecting him so much. After getting the heart breaking betrayal from Rose he is no more the same Lucas who used to believe in love blindly... But this certain girl was hellbound to made him fall in love with her self. Who is vennesa and what is Rose's secret? What is the relationship between Rose and Vanessa? Can Rose be able to make a special place in Lucas's heart again after causing the betrayal to Lucas? Will Lucas allow her to remain in his heart and in his life again? To find out the answers to these questions read the full story which contains lots of mystery, secrets, suspense, betrayal, love and hate. Which will lead you a rollercoaster ride to the ever happened beautiful love story of Rose and Lucas. ***warning*** contains mature content (18+) Dear readers this is my first fantasy novel. I hope you all will like it. This book is solely a product of my imagination and it is protected under the copyright law.

Darkanzel ยท Fantasy Romance
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