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Married @ sweet 16

"I may not be the man you choose to love and to be with. I just want you to know, I feel no regrets to all those years that I cherish and love you." The man smiled at him dearly.  "If you ask me something in return for that. It's only one thing.. I want nothing but to see you happy." He covers her eyes where her tears never stop from pouring. "Crying like this is the very last thing I wish to see you. Not until I'm alive."  "For the last time… just this time. Please forgive me for this." The man didn't wait for her to react. He crossed the distance between their lips and kissed her with all his heart while his hand is still covering her eyes. ____________ Married Twice. To two different men. On two different circumstances.  Married at young age. Yuiren Mae and the love of his life on his teenage life got married on her 16th birthday. Married@Sweet16. But misunderstanding test their love to each other. He left her completely lost and broken as her heart shattered into pieces.  Little did she know her first husband who she doesn't remember completely she has, also renew their marriage license also on her 16th birthday. He stayed on her side in her worse and always there for her without asking anything in exchange. Lift her up and make her feel special.  Time will come and she needs to choose. Who among them?  The one she wants to forget but she loves dearly? Or The one she forgot but loves her unconditionally?

Xheiah_kim · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings