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The Angel And The Devil On My Shoulders

Hiroshi Taso is a Japanese loser who is struggling to find a job and purpose in life. His last resort was to leave this world if he couldn't find a proper job and a happy life. But two figures follow him in secrecy, but they later reveal themselves to him. Both figures try to convince Hishiro to take their guidance to help him for the future. But the figures didn't like what the other has said. Turned out they are holy beings, one being a demon and one being an angel. Both try to convince him that their path is way better for him but he rejects both paths they're offering and he went to the bathroom to cool off. Eventually both ended up being by his side, guiding him throughout his entire journey of finding his purpose The Angel and The Demon. (Later Devil) doesn't want Hishiro to take the others path so they try their best to convince him their path is the right way to go. Will Hishiro choose a path? Or will he just choose both?

Tion_Official ยท Magical Realism
Not enough ratings