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I-I'm an A.I.! (Dropped)

Vincent wakes up in another world. That world was desolate, dead, succumbed to nuclear fallout, and cruel. Food in this place is a luxury to anyone. Home was non-existence for some. Slavery is a norm. Fun can be killing. Beauty is for pleasure. Love is a lie. "Am I a ghost?" His mind connected to the mainframe. "No!, no! , no! WTF! I-I'm an A.I.?!"

Vicarma · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

I'm the demon lord and a dark god!?

hes a demon lord but hes a evil god(dark god) so what will he do will he change the future e gents with his god powers kill heros? or will his heart change and he will become good? read the tags and you may or may not find out as he may be good or he may be bad what will happen? long wait in new chaps dropping others exept hell fire new novels and my other newest novel

mhafanboy25 · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings