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When souls collide .

Havoc . Forbidden love . Dominance . Betrayal . Freedom . Royalties . **** Valencia Kendra Brooke is a powerful hybrid , that solely her mother and her knew. Her mother has forbidden her to let her demon part over shine her "beautiful" self . Valencia is young at heart , strong mentally and physically , she just wants a little freedom , away from her controling mother . She wants to find out who her real father is after getting a surprise on her 18th birthday . Arlo Lowell he is the Alpha of the strongest pack , in his eyes having a mate will weaken him and the other Alpha's will take all he has left from his father . Arlo is a fighter , he is dominant , always so serious and his pack is important to him . What happens when Valencia and Arlo meet ? Will love be able to conquer the hatred ? Will there be a happy ending ? Started : 2 September 2020 Ended : Unknown

x_Angelicallee_x ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings