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Eternal Torture

Childhood is a place of bliss, where you have food to eat, friends to play with, and a family that loves you unconditionally. A mystical dream that you never want it to come to an end, but what happens when the first memory you recall is the sight of your father's guts being torn apart or the sight of men having their way with your mother. What do you do then?. This Is the tale of a lonely murderer that kills anyone that comes to close, kills anyone that betrays his trust, kills anyone that even has the thought of harming him. While he may have forsaken the feeling of loving anyone, that feeling may not have forsaken him. With the greed of power he carries and the infinite darkness that lays within him, he will show what it means to walk the path of eternal torture. Cover art isn't mine, contact me if it's yours.

Evilsteel ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings