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The Damage dealer stuck as a Healer

In year 2519, 400 years after the Grand war in which all nuclear weapons were restricted, a secret organization threatens to destroy the world. A hero codenamed Beast infiltrate it's HQ and destroy all nukes But at the cost of his life. Later he finds himself above a battle, mutilated bodies just lying there. The river beside them turned red with blood. In front him a figure is seated on a golden throne. He sees beside him there were more people. He was standing in a file.... But not with humans. Some were in bulletproof jacket,some wearing medivial armor and some of different species. The figure stood up and said" Greetings to all. I am the Greek god of war, Ares, and I chose you as my champion." He said this and pointed at Beast.......

abhiraj_singh · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Daniel Zero

The existence of a youth bred into a society of death and his sacrifices and responsibilities.

Daniel_Still_Lives · Fantasy
Not enough ratings