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The Unchained Paradise: The Moonlit Love

The Unchained Paradise: The Moonlit Love

The Moonlit Love The time is 2500s, where the vision of the future from the present is unparalleled. With new alien civilizations already living in Earth, who could've thought that a Kesslerian (an-almost human-like alien) would fall in love with someone from the higher hierarchy of the Horion royalty. A stalker falling for a Horion Empress? Seems illogical. Or is it? --------------------------------------------------------------- The Unchained Paradise is a series of Short Stories that is currently published from Wattpad and now, Webnovel. This details a world divulged into an alternate reality where nations that are in the current time is currently non-existent. But some references from the present might ring some bells. For now, this is the story of... Jabriel Canja Lopez and Addison Vendetta. --------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to thank SpaceDodo121 for helping me create this wonderful story that I and him co-collaborated and thus, would be under my, and his copyrights as well for this manner. Enjoy your reading!

Kess4102 · Sci-fi
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