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Into Conclusion (Deleted Novel)

Teres is a gorgeous but an attractive and flirty woman. Whoever she sees men around her with their girlfriend, she always took them from their girl to destroy their relationship. Her toy. And when she met Zeus Dolenso in his own engagement party, she gave him all her best and she successfully destroyed Zeus' relationship with his fiancé. And that was the mistake that she have ever did in her whole life. She shouldn't have done that. Guilt finally hit her already. She was about to ask for forgiveness, but he already left, and after a long time, she still want to look for him. And that was also the reason why she wanted to change her life. Because she knew upon herself that he'd come back and all she had do was to wait. When her friends consented her to work at the bar near downtown as a temporary waiter. Little did she know that it was also the way of fate for them two to cross each other's path. Soon they had became closer. But he hardly remember her. The sin that she had been secretly keeping on. Days goes by and she was starting to fall in love with him. She didn't wanna stop herself because she knew what all people feels or when they fell, it was unstoppable. She tried and it was strong because Zeus was there. But she didn't tell Zeus that she was the one who destroyed his life wholly and broke her fiancè and his heart together because she knew he would leave her and she didn't want him to do that. She wanted to tell him the truth but what about her feelings for him? Would she take risk just to forgive her? Would he accept her again? Or stay away from her instead? Would he run away again?

nnnyyyxxx · Romance
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